Techniques for Making the Most of Mentorship

Techniques for Making the Most of Mentorship

Mentorship plays a key role in the Legacy Team Promotions training regimen. Whenever a new team member joins us, we pair him or her with a veteran manager for guidance and coaching. This exchange of insight and experience plays a big role in our culture. Everyone should have a mentor, even if that means finding one independently. Here are some techniques for making the most of mentorship:

• Find the Right Person: A mentor should have useful experience and insight and be willing to share it. Finding someone who meets those criteria can take some time. Start with some informal interactions and feel out the potential before moving onto a firmer relationship.

• Don’t Search Forever: While it is helpful to find someone who is a good fit, there may not be a perfect mentor. This is okay. Many professionals have multiple people who provide mentorship. If you are searching for someone who has the everything you are looking for, it may take a long time.

• Be Clear: Once you get into the heart of mentorship, set a clear agenda. We encourage Legacy Team Promotions brand ambassadors to prepare specific questions. Good communication is the cornerstone of a strong mentor relationship.

• Be Open: You may receive some tough but useful feedback. Similarly, many suggestions will involve significant legwork. Be open to the guidance of your mentor, even if it isn’t always easy to take on.

These techniques will help you get the most from mentorship. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook