Team Members Get an In-Depth View Into a Brand

Team Members Get an In-Depth View Into a Brand

Legacy Team Promotions is a leader in on-site sales promotions because we go the distance to understand the brands we represent and the products we promote. Recently, Lizette, Rowena, and Elsa traveled to Dallas to visit a larger brand and learn in depth about the products and people they represent. Man, our CEO, discussed the benefits of travel:

” Knowledge Promotes Excellence: “Our Legacy Team Promotions training environment ensures our people have the right knowledge to position products for measurable outcomes,” said Man. “These team members had a chance to network with some of the best business minds and received excellent training as they immersed themselves in product education.”

” Being in the Same Room Builds Bonds: “We live in a digital world, but there’s something to be said for being on site, where we can have conversations with people and see them in real life,” Man noted. “Now when our team members chat with people they met, they have a face to go with the name and an experience to relate back to as they move forward to meet goals.”

” Travel Is a Great Incentive: “I’m a proponent of travel as a reward,” said Man. “In our Legacy Team Promotions office, there’s always a buzz when an upcoming trip is announced. People vie for the chance to travel, whether it’s for training, networking or fun.

Now you can see why opportunities like this are hard to pass up. Check out our Newswire for more updates on our team’s accomplishments and adventures.