Stories to Tell During the Next Job Interview

Stories to Tell During the Next Job Interview

Recruiting the best and the brightest helps us keep Legacy Team Promotions on the path to success. We have interviewed quite a few candidates to join our team. So, we have experienced a wide range of interviewing strategies. Storytelling is often an essential element of making a good impression. Here are a few types of stories you may want to tell during your next interview:

• Greatest Accomplishment: You may be asked to talk about the achievement that makes you proudest. This is a great opportunity to show off your strengths. Even if you aren’t directly asked this, chances are you will be able to weave this story in at some point.

• Handling a Challenge: Sometimes we are faced with difficult situations. Having the fortitude and clarity of mind to overcome these obstacles is an important predictor of success. When recruiting for Legacy Team Promotions, we are always happy to meet candidates who demonstrate grit. Be prepared with a story about taking on adversity.

• Going Beyond the Requirements: People who are ready to go beyond what is directly asked of them will often achieve success. Rehearse a story about how you met and exceeded expectations on a project.

• Leadership: Every company needs to find people with leadership potential. Mentioning even basic experience managing others is worthwhile in an interview. Think about a story in which you led a team to success.

Preparing these stories before your next interview will help you land an offer.