PRESS RELEASE: Legacy Team Promotions Associates Prepare for Conference

PRESS RELEASE: Legacy Team Promotions Associates Prepare for Conference

EL PASO, TX – The President of Legacy Team Promotions discussed an upcoming conference and the team members chosen to attend. He also highlighted a few underrated benefits of traveling with colleagues.

“We send our Legacy Team Promotions associates on a wide variety of rewarding excursions,” stated Man, the firm’s President. “As they venture to new locales and familiar destinations, our people expand their professional horizons. By learning from influential leaders who often become valued sources of advice, our team members put themselves in position to achieve their highest career aspirations.” The upcoming Top Leaders Conference represents the latest opportunity for selected executives to accelerate their professional growth.

Evan and Valeria are the two associates who have been chosen to attend the Top Leaders event. “These two have worked so hard to prove themselves within the Legacy Team Promotions office,” Man added. “I know they’ll take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way during the trip. When they return home, I’m sure they’ll share the unique insights they learn from our industry’s most successful leaders.”

Being surrounded by so many accomplished people will give Evan and Valeria a glimpse of the industry’s bigger picture. Man remarked, “I want these two standouts to come back home newly inspired to set high benchmarks. With a clearer image of what’s possible in our business, I have no doubt that Evan and Valeria will reach even greater heights in the months and years to come.”

Legacy Team Promotions’ President on the Benefits of Team Travel

Learning and networking are two prime benefits to be gained from attending industry events such as the Top Leaders Conference. Man also believes in an array of team-building rewards that can emerge from unique travel experiences. He explained, “There’s something about visiting new places with colleagues that strengthens bonds like nothing else. Our team members learn more about each other as people when they venture away from Legacy Team Promotions HQ together. Back home, they’re more inspired than ever to combine their unique talents.”

Time management skills also improve through business travel opportunities. Man stated, “There’s so much to take in at a typical conference, with the Top Leaders event offering the perfect example. When our team members head out to a big industry function, they strategize in order to get the most value from it. This means setting clear priorities and sticking with them, which reflects the approach they take in their daily work. When they’re back on the job, our people are even better equipped to complete demanding projects.”

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