Fuel Networking Success With One Strategic Adjustment

Fuel Networking Success With One Strategic Adjustment

Networking has powered many successes for Legacy Team Promotions. We encourage our team members to regularly form new professional connections. Meeting the right people can accelerate any undertaking. To that end, we regularly send our people to conferences and other such events. If you want to get more from networking, one strategic change can make a huge difference.

To fuel networking success, focus on developing a more diverse contact list. It is common for professionals to gravitate toward others that think like them. In most cases, it is easiest to meet similar people in your industry and professional circles. However, this may be holding you back from success. Likeminded people will tend to have less to offer because their skills and opinions are similar to yours.

We include this idea in the Legacy Team Promotions’ culture. When hiring people, we keep in mind that diverse experiences and perspectives lead to greater innovation. For networking, the effect is even greater. People who are different from you will be able to connect you to others who are different too. This strategy can greatly expand your resources quickly.

A useful approach to networking is to meet connectors who can help you meet others. Try finding such people who can bring you into totally new groups. In this manner, you can foster a large network of very different people.

Diverse networks are great ways to drive business success. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook