Evan and Valeria Earn Promotions

Evan and Valeria Earn Promotions

The Legacy Team Promotions culture is one that focuses on professional growth and advancement. When people take advantage of this to earn promotions, we’re happy to put them in our company spotlight. Evan and Valeria are the latest members of our team to receive such recognition. Both have recently been promoted into account management.

Man, our firm’s President, stated, “Both of these standout performers bring strong work ethics and positive attitudes to the table. They are also willing learners who know there’s always room for improvement. We’re lucky to have Evan and Valeria on our team, and I’m confident that they will excel as account managers.”

The positive mind-sets Evan and Valeria bring to each new challenge are key drivers for people who earn regular promotions. This is especially true when faced with unexpected outcomes. Around the Legacy Team Promotions office, we stress finding the good in every situation. Those who can adjust to change and continue pushing toward their highest targets will thrive with us.

Setting clear goals has also allowed Evan and Valeria to advance their careers. Man added, “With defined objectives in place, it’s much easier to gauge progress and make improvements as needed. These two high achievers have proven this to be true as they’ve moved up the ranks.”

We’re excited to watch Evan and Valeria grow into their new roles. Follow their progress by liking Legacy Team Promotions on Facebook.